Our Mission

Our mission is to provide behavior consultative services for adults with IDD/Autism to promote safety, independence, and improved quality of life in the least restrictive environment possible using an ethical, evidence-based, collaborative approach.

Feel like you’ve already tried everything?

We look at things from an Applied Behavior Analytic perspective and treat any situation with an evidence-based and solution-focused approach. We come to you. No office visits to schedule; we need to see what is happening in the environment it happens in. When it seems like “we’ve tried everything and nothing works,” it is usually because some good strategies may have been tried but not in a way that addressed problem behavior at the same time that new skills are developed.

Sometimes there is a lack of consistency, so something might work for a little while and then stops working. Sometimes, the strategy one tries is too effortful or not sustainable for other reasons. We’ll help figure those things out and we won’t ask you to do something that isn’t doable! If something doesn’t work, we’ll see that in the data and make a change to the treatment plan.

Berth Behavior Consultation can be your safe harbor in a storm to begin a season of change and growth when you feel stuck.